You may have many potential customers visiting your website, but what does that matter if you don’t even know it? The key to converting website visitors into leads is by capturing their contact information so that you can further engage with them.

Use Multiple Lead Capture Forms

The contact us page isn’t the only place to put a lead capture form. There are many reasons for which a person will provide their contact information. It could be to obtain a free piece of content, to register for an event, to redeem a coupon, to get a free consultation, and more. You can (and should) use multiple lead capture forms on various pages for your website, from product/service pages to blog posts.

Capture Leads on Contact Us Page

One section that almost every small business website has that can easily be converted into a lead capture form is the “contact us” page.  Many small business owners use this page to provide their address, phone number, and email address. The problem with this approach is that if anyone contacts you via these channels, you won’t have any information about how they found you. This is a common mistake and a missed opportunity to gather more information about the potential client perusing your website.

If your website visitor has made it to the contact us section, they’re very likely to become a customer in the future. Replace your email address with a contact form that requires their email address and captures other information so you can best serve them. Use a tracked phone number so you can know which calls are coming from this contact us page.

By taking these measures, you can build a quality list of potential customers to contact in the near future, limit the amount of spam you receive in your inbox, and understand specifically which leads are coming from your website.

Offer and Nurture

The point of capturing leads is to establish a relationship with a potential customer— not so that you can call or email and ask them to buy your product or service—but so that you can nurture those leads through email newsletters and other promotions, which provide valuable information or offers, and further familiarize them with your business.

The key to generating leads from your website is by offering something for which a person would be willing to provide their contact information to obtain.


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