The real importance of having a good website.

OK, so most companies by now have a website right? Did you know simply “just having a site” isn’t measurable enough these days. Studies show that statistically most people tune out most mainstream media such as print these days. Think of your website as your calling card. Face it, anyone with a smart phone probably isn’t looking things up in the yellow pages or newspapers. The most common way to be discovered and viewed is on the web.

First off your site needs to be well organized and put together, research studies show more than 50% of people abandon a site that is either confusing to navigate or takes too long to load (especially on their mobile devices). They need to be able to easily find what they are there for in the first place.

Secondly, optimization is key. Search engines base users queries to keyword relevance and importance, so it is necessary to be worded properly, according to what you offer, so users can find you. Most importantly you must present quality content that is updated constantly, which also helps build your SEO results.

An amateur website that simply looks thrown together isn’t showing your best foot forward to someone who hasn’t seen the inside of you your store. People research their vacation itineraries, most of their expensive purchases, products, almost everything on the web. So, don’t let your company website be an afterthought that goes without updates for months at a time. A good website can mean all the difference.