How to Attract New Patients & Maximize Profits for Your Plastic Surgery Practice?

Let’s Boost your Practice!

To Boost your Plastic Surgery Practice the first thing is, you need to attract and win new patients by showing up everywhere people are looking for you or your services. Once they have found you make it easy to book appointments when they are most interested – even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Now that you have a steady flow of patients it’s time to maximize your profitability by not leaving money on the table. Achieving a greater CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) can be done by bundling treatments, services, and products together over a defined period – taking roughly a year to create a comprehensive treatment plan for each and every patient.

By providing a great customer experience, services, and specializations to your patients, they are now telling their friends what differentiates you from all the other Plastic Surgery practices out there.


A perfect example of your practice’s Growth Potential

Hey Siri, Botox Near me! – Your found and client makes an appointment.  Those patients on average, are spending $1,200 a year on Botox ($300 a quarter).  You now enroll 100 patients in a membership plan with an additional $2,400 in treatment, products, and services that can be purchased In office or online  – that’s an additional $20,000 a month of consistent cash flow!

Now, instead of worrying about how to make payroll, rent, or any other business expenses, you can concentrate primarily on building your business by increasing new patient starts, allowing you to add additional products and services or upgrade to the latest equipment!

5 things you can do to Boost your Plastic Surgery Practice Profits:

Attract And Win Patients In New Ways

Most Plastic Surgery websites all look the same with a listing of the various treatments and services that are offered. Therefore, people don’t know where to go because everybody’s saying the same thing. So, rather than blending into the noise, we help you attract the people you know you can serve the best by creating specific marketing campaigns that walk your leads step-by-step through your unique process that gets them the results they’re after. The end result – you pull in all the best patients because you’re the one telling them how to get what they really want.

Show Up Everywhere People Are Looking For You

Unless somebody gives them your link, your website is probably not going to be your first contact point with your patients. Instead, people are going to be looking for you on search engines like Google, social media platforms like Facebook, and business directories like Yelp. So, we get your business listed in over 40 different online directories along with a listing of the services you offer. Now, you’re casting a really wide net with over 40 different online listings in addition to your website. This means you’re showing up everywhere your patients are looking for you.

Online Appointment Booking

Most Plastic Surgery Practices require their patients to call for an appointment. Then they have to wait until you’re open, wait on hold, then wait while you give them your availability. That’s a lot of waiting. With our online appointment booking system, you’ll get more clients on the calendar because you’re letting people book their spot without waiting and when they want it most – right now!

Maximize Your Profits (Don’t Leave Money On The Table)

Leaving Money on the table is a constant issue with most Plastic Surgery Practices. The patient comes in and may browse additional products on display while waiting for their appointment doing the typical retail model. This works for selling small one-off items but limits profits. A better way is to bundle or package products, subscriptions, and services together that can be purchased in-office and online as part of their treatment plan or upgrades which will achieve a greater Customer Lifetime Value.

Stand Out And Generate A Buzz

Most Plastic Surgery Practices offer the same services and similar retail products that vary by brand etc… so how do you stand out? What do you offer that’s different? Let’s Identify and bring that out. Do you specialize in something no one else offers? If so let that service or treatment shine. Use your platform, excellent services/treatments & experience to your advantage. Packaging this with all of the other channels listed above, and your patients will be creating that buzz for you.

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