Penguin ABQ Marketing Strategy and Services

To Leverage your website to start generating leads in addition to any SEO programs you are currently involved with, We will do the following:

Monthly Blogging + Website Maintenance:

Claudia, you will utilize your marketing team to write the posts (1-2 per month like we spoke about) and send them to me in a word doc or email along with an image and I will post them for you once per month. In addition, I will also make sure your website is up to date with all plugins and WordPress versions.

Price: $120.00 per month

Reputation Management:

The Reputation management System we spoke about, will help you increase your client intake and profits by helping you build more Google and social 5-star reviews. It will also increase your SEO ranking up to 30%. By doing the following strategy to leverage the platform you will see a significant increase in traffic and leads.

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Price: $200.00 per month Discounted from $250) + $200.00 one time setup (Discounted from $300)

Your Customized strategy for Reputation Management:

To Get the most out of your reputation management service we will provide you with tools that you can use to leverage and ask your past and new clients for there reviews. Your review link will be: https://rockitreview/penguinabq

The following strategy and tools for asking for a review:

  • Use email signup tool: (New + Previous Clients) This will start an automated email asking to leave a review.
  • Add QR Code to your invoice and receipts: Your Feedback is important to us please leave us a review (QR Code)
  • Add Button and Link to email Signature: Link to https://rockitreview/penguinabq
  • Add QR Code to promotional items
  • Add QR Code Sticker to Van
  • Have your Techs point out and ask if the customer would please leave a review.

If you work this strategy into your workflow you will double and possibly triple your inbound leads.

To Signup for the outlined service please subscribe using the button below:

Total: $320.00 per Month + $200.00 One time Set up fee